Stop The Imbalance Before It Starts


Progesterone is considered “The Master Hormone” in a female’s body and for good reason. Progesterone is used to make each and every necessary hormone, including estrogen and testosterone. These hormones affect many aspects of female health, including cognitive function, energy, menstruation, fertility, and feeling your best day-to-day. Optimal progesterone levels, at the correct time of the month, will not only alleviate, but may also prevent the uncomfortable symptoms of PMS/PMDD and menopause. So stop letting your hormones control you, and start taking control of your Progesterone.

I have been suffering for years with what has finally been diagnosed as an extreme hormone imbalance. I have been losing my hair, I have hot flashes, nausea/vomiting, weight gain, heart palpitations, PCOS and I have not had a period in 10 years!! I have been prescribed countless medications to help with my symptoms, but they have always had major side effects and made me feel worse. Two months ago, I started the Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream. After using the cream for about a week, I got my first period in 10 years! This is only my second month of using the cream and all of my symptoms are getting better or are completely gone! I have suffered for so long and I am so thankful for this cream.

- Stephanie

I have to thank Globallee from the bottom of my heart for the recent birth of my son. During my fourth miscarriage, I read one of the articles on Globallee's website and I immediately ordered Eternity. Ever since I received my first jar of progesterone cream, which arrived two days later, I have lived life without any agonizing symptoms of estrogen dominance, which ultimately have given me the greatest gift in life! My son, is a living testimony as to the validity of the progesterone cream formula. Thank you Globallee!

- Karen

I’ve been doing so well! The cream is amazing and I didn’t have any PMDD symptoms last month. I haven’t had relief from that in years! I’m shocked!

- Kathryn