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Intermittent Fasting has tremendous health benefits... if done correctly. If not, you are left tired, hungry and exhausted. Before you begin, get the facts so you can get the most out of your fasting while having a life!

We LOVE TAKA! At first I thought 'Oh great, what's so special about yet another super magic juice?' Then I started drinking it and immediately noticed an elevation in sustained energy throughout the day as well as improved mental clarity. It really does suppress my appetite and has made my intermittent fasting much easier. I've dropped 8 lbs in the past 3 weeks without even trying. I've also noticed I'm sleeping much better. It's delicious and my kids absolutely love it! They ask for it every morning which makes me happy knowing they're getting vital nutrients to fuel their busy days. 

- James C. Salmon, Washington

TAKA is ENERGY!! I intermittent fast and TAKA helps me extends my fasting. I drink one in the morning and one around noon and can extend my fast to 20 hours! Amazing appetite control and sustained energy!

- Karen A. Dallas, Texas

My son and daughter-in-law shared this amazing product with me two weeks ago and from that first day I was sold! Taka has truly given me my life back! After having surgery in January, Taka has allowed me to stop taking my anti-inflammatory and pain medications and has given me a reserve of energy that lasts me the entire day from only 1 pack! It's curbed my appetite all day long and in the two weeks now that I have been drinking my Taka I have lost 7 pounds and I can't thank Globallee enough!

- Richard R. Jacksonville, Texas